Our Capabilities

Sustainable and profitable growth is what most life sciences companies in Asia are increasingly striving for but in reality very few are able to deliver it. The reasons are many and varied, ranging from market driven issues such as demand, portfolio issues and market access to internal constraints on meeting regulatory demand, delivery and readiness to change.

Sidrapex deploys its extensive experience in developing and delivering successful growth strategies in organizations of varying size, ranging from small privately-owned companies to large and medium-sized multinational operations.

We engage with stakeholders to identify opportunities to drive exponential growth. The opportunities are consolidated and prioritized into a 5 year growth plan that charts the journey through a number of well-defined initiatives ranging from both organic and inorganic sources. Investment requirements and projected revenues form a set of management metrics that can be monitored to track progress.

Market Entry, Turnaround & Expansion

Quickly build efficient, sustainable business units by refocusing the business and by leveraging distributor alliances to minimize risks and costs. Turnaround and transformation needs are identified and care taken to implement change with minimum disruption to the daily business.

Business Development & Expansion
Analyze product portfolios and identify gaps. Work closely with in-house teams to manage and close the identified gaps. 
Managing Acquisitions

Identify buy-and-build options and create sustainable strategies with clear acquisition criteria. Provide transactional support and assist in managing the integration process.

Product Development & Launch

Facilitate regulatory approvals and successfully roll out innovations to rapidly secure leading positions and exceed revenue targets.

Organizational Optimization

Establish market needs and review existing structures. Identify promising in-house talents, facilitate coaching and selectively tapping external talents to address key business drivers to maximize revenues and profitability.

Change Management
Work closely with the business leaders to diagnose an organization’s needs to cope successfully with the changing environment. Devise the needed programmes for lasting change, leaving your people with the knowledge, tools and capability to excel at what they do best.