,, ….exceeded expectations for setting up the Regional Office in record time and generating strategic action plan…..the [company’s] visibility was markedly increased in the [Asian] region…. which also helped in achieving market leading positions in various markets. In addition to building and growing businesses, Salman also demonstrated considerable skills in restructuring product and country portfolios…..His many years of experience in Asia, coupled with his established skills set, enabled Salman to quickly build effective management teams in all markets.
Vice President Asia, Africa, Middle East for a Specialty European Company
,, ….has consistently delivered above-average results…..he is to be particularly commended for his ‘hands-on’ approach to business operations, his entrepreneurial management style and his ability to form and motivate high-performance teams…..His open communication style has always allowed him to create valuable networks amongst foreign and local industry representatives, customers and regulatory authorities. Being multi-lingual, culturally sensitive and highly creative has helped Salman Bokhari to adapt easily to whatever changing geographical circumstances he found himself in…..
Executive Committee Member & Global Head of a Top 10 Pharma Company
,, ….We came to know Mr. Bokhari as an experienced, hardworking and a knowledgeable professional with a strong industry network. His enthusiasm and dedication to start the [company’s] international branding business was a source of inspiration…With his vast network he was able to quickly identify and select appropriate business partners in the various countries and concluded multiple agreements in record time. Mr. Bokhari’s performance has been outstanding. He has shown the ability to work independently, using limited resources with a high level of dedication and managerial responsibility…a very useful sparring partner in various discussions.
Chief Commercial Officer of a Niche European Company
,, ….Dank seiner langjaehrigen Erfahrung in Asien und seinen hervorragenden Geschaeftsbeziehungen, gepaart mit fundierten Fachkenntnissen, war Herr Bokhari in der Lage, die umfangreichen, vielseitigen und anspruchsvollen Aufgaben zu unserer vollsten Zufriedenheit zu erfuellen. Er zeigte stets Initiative, Fleiss und Gewissenhaftigkeit. Hervorhaben moechten wir besonders sein aussergewoehnlich hohes persoenliches Engagement mit dem er entscheidend zum erfolgreichen Aufbau unseres Asien Geschaeftes beigetragen hat….
Vice President Asia Pacific Region of a mid-sized family-owned European Company
,, ….He creatively recommended pan Asian high calibre organisations to us to consider……. Combining strategy with go-to-market implementation, he was instrumental for [the company] to understand the market dynamics in the Asian region.